Asbestos waste disposal is a task that needs to be carried out with great precaution. This is because asbestos is a very hazardous substance and if not disposed of properly, it can cause a lot of harm not only to the environment but human health as well.
The precautions

  • For asbestos waste disposal, of materials either made of or containing asbestos, the first thing that you must do is to properly pack them away. It is desired that you pack them away in plastic, and not in any other material. You may or may not seal the pack tightly though, if the packet or the container contains very small pieces of asbestos, you will want to seal it well. The best way to ensure that you have packed it correctly is to ask an expert to supervise you. Generally, workers who help in putting up or removing asbestos help you with it, or even take up the responsibility of asbestos waste disposal.
  • The waste asbestos can now be disposed of in an asbestos disposal area. It is generally suggested that you hand over the asbestos-containing or contaminated substances to authorized people, who can do away with it under proper supervision and guidance. For appropriate asbestos waste disposal, the best possible option is probably to dispose of it at municipal grounds which are specifically meant for asbestos waste disposal.
  • However, if the asbestos you need to dispose of is very minimal in quantity, and you have been told that this amount is hardly capable of causing harm to human health as well as the surroundings, you may want to dispose of it on your own. For this, you must make sure that asbestos is very well sealed and is disposed of in such a way that no human comes in contact with it. You should fence off that area so that no human is encroaching on that site.
  • Waste asbestos is divided into three categories depending on the amount of asbestos content in it. These include Presumed Asbestos Containing Material (or PACM), friable, and non-friable. Before the disposal and treatment of the asbestos waste can be decided upon, it becomes necessary to first categorize the waste into these categories. Properly categorizing the waste can help in much efficient asbestos waste disposal.
  • However, as you go about with your asbestos waste disposal, do make sure that no particles are let out into the atmosphere, or no asbestos-containing substances are left indisposed.

Remember, asbestos, if not handled with care can harm everybody around you, and can degrade the environment immensely. Improper asbestos waste disposal can also lead you to be punished under the law, especially in case severe harm occurs to others because of your actions. So make sure to take the help of experts and authorized people for this task. It is suggested that you plan out how you would like to carry on with your asbestos disposal before when you start with the asbestos disposal work.