Asbestos remains in many homes and buildings all over Chicago and the world, specifically older buildings that were built before warnings were issued about asbestos’s dangers. Your home or building may be one of these. Asbestos can not be smelled, and the only way to know if your home or building contains the mineral is to test for it. If your home or building does contain asbestos, removing it is the only way to avoid the deadly cancer mesothelioma. Lead is another danger lurking in many homes. Compared to asbestos, this metal is very commonly known. Lead poisoning is a very real threat, and it affects kids the most. If you think your walls might be painted with lead paint, we can test for it to help you figure out for sure.

Asbestos is a natural mineral that used to be mined and used in many countries all over the globe. Until the 1980s, the mined asbestos was widely used in construction, due to its strength and fireproofing qualities. Now, its dangers are widely known and it has been banned in many countries. What are these dangers? As asbestos wears down, it releases microscopic fibers into the air. These fibers, upon being breathed in, can be deadly. How? The fibers get stuck in the lungs, irritating and scarring the lung tissue. Mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer that is entirely avoidable, is very decisively linked to damage from asbestos fibers. It also has a decades long latency period, so there is no way to know you have it until it is way too late. Asbestos causes other diseases too, cancerous and otherwise, such as asbestosis. Asbestos’s dangers could have been announced much earlier than they were: decades before asbestos bans began widely, some people, such as doctors, knew of asbestos’s dangers, but they didn’t share the information for economic reasons, effectively killing thousands of people. Maddeningly, the dangers weren’t shared until much later, but everyone should do their own part, and find out if their home contains asbestos, and if it does, remove it to save lives. 

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