Asbestos-related disease, or asbestos disease, is not a new concept. Asbestos-related hazards have been evident ever since the mineral fiber has been in use by man. The only difference is that currently, owing to rapid growth in science and technology as well as detailed research, we know we can relate some of the diseases directly to asbestos exposure.
One such asbestos-related disease (more commonly known as an asbestos disease) is asbestosis, which though now very common, does pose a great threat to the well being of the patient. Asbestosis is an asbestos-related disease that affects the lungs of the patient. This disease is caused due to the inhalation of asbestos. Often asbestosis is known as an occupational disease because it occurs only after one has been exposed to asbestos over a long period, and more often than not, it is the people engaged in jobs where they are exposed to asbestos for a long period.
One of the first symptoms of asbestosis is difficulty in breathing. Shortness of breath in this asbestos-related disease is of great importance, since with the progress of asbestosis; the symptom tends to get worse. Not only does the patient start suffering from shortness of breath become more apparent, with the progress of this asbestos disease, but the patient may also eventually face a complete respiratory failure.
Sometimes patients suffering from this asbestos-related disease may also start coughing excessively as another symptom of asbestosis. This is generally observed in such cases where the patient may be suffering from some other form of lung infection or lung diseases at the same time.
Asbestosis is treated by providing oxygen therapy to the patient. Any patient suffering from asbestosis should be given oxygen at his or her home so that relief from the asbestosis symptom of shortness of breath can be obtained. Respiratory physiotherapy is another treatment that needs to be provided to the patients suffering from this asbestos disease to prevent chest percussion, the lungs from the drainage, and as well as vibration problems. Often doctors also prescribe nebulized medications to the patients suffering from asbestosis, for further relief.
Asbestosis is mostly a disease that affects those who have worked with asbestos and has been subject to various laws in several states. For example, in many countries, laws have been passed to protect the rights of the workers working with asbestos. Therefore, if a worker tends to develop the symptoms of asbestosis, he has the right to seek help at the court of law, against his employer, for not making adequate arrangements to protect him from this asbestos-related disease.